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It's not a feat Webmaster, but I am a pioneer in this field. My name is Tomek and I live in Poland in city Przasnysz. Once upon a time, I got a disease called DX :) Unfortunately, this is not curable :P, but I see that I am not alone and many colleagues also have such hobbies! At school I got infected by the amateur radio, including a lesser extent, namely the "11 meters".

Each appears to propagate, ended several hours sitting with a microphone in hand, headphones on his ears and saying: CQ CQ DX 161LO996 CALL. The great fun was to hear colleagues from different continents, and even to exchange QSL cards with them. Constant waiting for propagation, improvement of equipment, new antenna designs, microphones and audio systems. It took all my free time!

And so after 14 year break returned the passion!!!

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Digital QSO

As part of a special working DX stations 161LV001. It is possible QSO PSK31 and SSTV digital transmission. The frequency at which it will listen and the ability to conduct a QSO 27.500 MHz USB PSK31 and 27.700 MHz USB SSTV.
I invite all fans to PSK31 and SSTV communications with the station 161LV001

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