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Posted on Wed 15th February 2012 10.51PM in category I love DX!

Hello all, very poor prop, only silence :( nothing low voices

Tomek 161LV001
Thu 4th October 2018 12.48PM
hmmmm, long time still zzzzzzz here :( 73s
Thu 4th October 2018 1.16AM
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Tomek 161LV001
Sat 2nd December 2017 9.47PM
Hello all,
I do not have much time for a hobby lately, but propagation is not conducive to the use of radio communication charms. Instead, a winter has come in my part of the country!
Skaper has already passed the first test of snow load!
161LV001 Tomek
Thu 8th June 2017 11.28AM
Hello to All Friends from 11 meters!
Last days nice prop from west part of EU. We have the opportunity to talk almost every day in very good condition with colleagues from UK, Western Europe! I wish all the successful DX! See you on the air! 73s
161LV001 Tomek
Sat 29th August 2015 8.53AM
Hello all Friends,
Here we are approaching the end of the holiday. The weather this year really was good. There was a lot of warm, sunny days. The only thing we lack is rain. Propagation also has a lot to be desired. Approaching autumn, so I hope that slowly begins to change the propagation. Of course, getting a better condition. Greetings and hear in the ether of 11 meters. 73s
Wed 1st October 2014 9.12AM
Hello all.
It is autumn. Changes in the weather, and the weather is changing propagation. So far, the condition is not very good, but we all hope that soon we will do a lot of DX. Greetings to all colleagues from 11 meters
Tomek 161LV001
Fri 15th November 2013 10.12AM
Greetings to all from 11 meters! 73's
Sat 2nd February 2013 9.53AM
Hello all DX Friends!
I wish good health and more DX! last days only zzzzzz on band, but i hope soon prop open!
Mon 17th September 2012 11.54AM
Hi all, my Kenwood back to home :), but i no running live streaming always. I have a Kenwood repaired, but now the problem of the Internet. My server is not visible on the outside. Run time "U-Streaming". I hope I can re-run the shoutcast server. Then you will be able to listen 24 hours a day.
Best regards!
Tomek 161LV001
Sun 24th June 2012 6.27PM
Hello all, over the next few weeks will not be available my live stream. My transceiver is faulty, I do not know the time when it is repaired. I hope that this will happen soon.
See you soon on air!!!
Tomek 161LV001
Wed 6th June 2012 10.58AM
Propagation gone for last two days :( I hope soon back!
Tomek 161LV001
Mon 28th May 2012 4.18PM
Nice prop!! Good DX!!!
Tomek 161LV001
Mon 26th March 2012 11.05AM
Next day and again no good prop :( I want DX!!!
Fri 16th March 2012 8.40PM
And next day only zzzz on band :( if i have free time prop poor :/
Thu 15th March 2012 10.20PM
here open 20,21,56div now bt QSB i try qso but no possible :(
Thu 15th March 2012 1.50PM
First qso for long long time with 26div, tnx Garry for very nice short qso, i hope see you soon on band with also good condition
Wed 14th March 2012 8.42PM
low voices T5
Wed 14th March 2012 8.21PM
little voice from 347div
Wed 14th March 2012 7.17PM
zzzzzz again here :(
Sun 4th March 2012 3.02PM
I fix my Skypper beam!!!! Now this is 4 elements skypper beam. Design is stable and good. Still need tuning to the frequency of 27 555, but a next day. 73'
Sat 3rd March 2012 8.14AM
Nice morning, blue sky temp 0C, on band quaiet, if wheter was fine later i fix my skypper beam! 73' to all DX-ers!
Thu 1st March 2012 10.12AM
Hello all, prop now only from 30div, WX cloudly sky but 6C, i hope comming spring!
Wed 29th February 2012 9.33AM
nice prop from 153,43 div, again no possible make qso im work now and i only listen stream life :( :/
Sun 26th February 2012 9.47PM
Hello all. Today was very nice prop from 2 div. A lot of qso. I hope see you soon with nice condition again. 73'
Sat 25th February 2012 7.05PM
Today very nice prop from N-America. I made very nice QSO with 9QC171 John and 2#43 Robert. Best greetings, good DX!
Thu 23rd February 2012 10.23AM
Next day and again poor propagation :(
Tue 21st February 2012 7.52PM
Again quaiet :( I wait for prop!
Fri 17th February 2012 6.54PM
Next day and only zzzzzzzz on band :(
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