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My Skypper beam Antena
Posted on Mon 19th March 2012 10.46PM in category Skypper beam Antena

After last winter. I had to fix my Skypper beam antenna. Work very well. Here more info:My Skypper beam. Greetings Tomek

Tomek 161LV001
Wed 1st January 2014 8.16PM
Hello Geff,
Happy New Year 2014!
Tnx, Now I'm working on my four-element skyper. It works very well. Photos need to upgrade ;) Good luck in building your antenna, I think you'll be pleased with it.
Best Regards
Wed 1st January 2014 7.41PM
Hello, happy new year.
Nice skypper.
Did you tryed your 4 elements?
I would like to do one.
Best regards.
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