Callsign list

List of all members of the "Lima Victor" Group.

List of all members of the "Lima Victor" Group. Last months did not produce improve the condition of propagation. So it is a smaller number of arriving members. I hope that with better propagation, there will be new people in the ranks of the "LV" DX Group.

List of Members "LV" (128,48kB)

HamRadioDelux files for 11 meters

Country data for 11 meters.

If you write callsign to logbook entry, call by typing in a format such as 11 meters (26AT101), the program will automatically append a country with a prefix of 11 meters and all information about DXCC

HRD Logbook>Countries>Manager>Load (point to the unzipped file

Note! Please do a backup list of countries. Current list of dialing prefixes for marking HAM will be lost! (11,3kB)

Programs and Tips

Computer programs and helpful tips.

Increasingly, we find a digital form of QSL cards. For some, it is not an emotional value. For some operators, the most important is a paper QSL card. But it shows how to create your own digital QSL card and fill it with all the necessary information. We will do this free graphics program and some of my skills.

Add text to eQSL card - video tutorial.avi (13,07MB)
FSViewerSetup46.exe (5,13MB)