161 Lima Victor 001
Operator Tomek
NE Poland, Loc: KO03KA
Welcome on my oficial web page!

It's not a feat Webmaster, but I am a pioneer in this field. My name is Tomek and I live in Poland in city Przasnysz. Once upon a time, I got a disease called DX :) Unfortunately, this is not curable :P, but I see that I am not alone and many colleagues also have such hobbies!

If there is propagation, since 1993 i several hours sitting with a microphone in hand, headphones on his ears and saying: CQ CQ DX. The great fun was to hear colleagues from different continents, and even to exchange QSL cards with them. Constant waiting for propagation, improvement of equipment, new antenna designs, microphones and audio systems. It took all my free time!

The Lima Victor club was founded in 1979 in the Netherlands by Piet and two friends Jack 19LV001 and PJ 19LV002, who have the same 11-meter DX hobby. They take over the group in 2009. Piet becomes an honorary member and accepts call sign 19LV0101. The club is located in Bolsward. Lima Victor Club offers a friendly, low and uncomplicated association profile for DX enthusiasts in the 11-meter band. In 2011, the club accepts the first member from Poland, who is me, I accept call sign 161LV001. After a year in the LV club, I am appointed president of the group in Europe, where, together with the HQ group, I try to actively participate in the promotion of the club in the ether, as well as on the Internet, attracting new members from around the world to the club!

We are pleased to welcome New Members to the Lima Victor club who will be recognizable and record the Lima Victor group in the 11-meter band with their presence in the ether with the Lima Victor call sign!
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