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161LV/PS303 New Special Event Station on Air!

Tomek 161LV001Tomek 161LV001 Posted 28 days ago
From 01.01 time to time 31.12.2020 I will promote in the air, the memory of Polish pilots taking heroic service during the Battle of Britain II World War. This is the 80th anniversary of this event. Five years ago, you could also see in the ether my activation from the 75th anniversary of the same Battle for Britain. Unfortunately, the propagation conditions were very bad, the logbook from the 161LV/PFS303 is very short. I hope that the 80th anniversary logbook for 161LV/PS303 will be much longer!

More info and log from this SES You find here

Smiley face

I invite you to participate in this event! Good Luck! 73's

About Tomek 161LV001

I am the Super Administrator of this websiteI joined this website on 06.12.19. and I currently live in QTH PrzasnyszI also run another website at http://161lv001.pl.


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  • Tomek 161LV001
    Today i make first call with SES callsign Smile Prop poor but in my log two entry! Grin Congratulation to Łukasz 161EE135 for first ID in log 161LV/PS303!
    Reply - January 05 2020 19:56:18
  • Tomek 161LV001
    Hi All and thank You for a lot of nice logs today!
    Now in my log 10 DXCC:
    Reply - January 06 2020 17:23:43
  • Tomek 161LV001
    Hello Friends! Today next days with my SES on air! Again more ITL and one div more in score Smile Thank You 29 div!
    Now in my log 11 DXCC:
    Reply - January 12 2020 14:03:34
  • Tomek 161LV001
    WOW This afternoon was great! Thank You for all nice QSO's!
    Now in my log 14 DXCC:
    Reply - January 12 2020 19:30:03
  • Tomek 161LV001
    I am pleased and happy that there is interest in my S.E.S, today I have 80 logs from 15 DXCC. New - 20 DIV. Thank You! Grin
    Reply - January 14 2020 20:50:25
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