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                               BEHRINGER AUDIO SYSTEM

I am a great fan of eSSB. What is Extended SSB ( eSSB )? eSSB Hi-Fi sounds a bit ominous. This can be somewhat confusing since true "Hi-Fi" is an audio term referring to sonicically excellent, high-fidelity audio - e.g. 20Hz ~ 20kHz of flat frequency response with

The Icom SM-20 is a unidirectional, electret microphone designed for base station operation with many Icom transceivers. (It cannot be used with non-Icom transceivers since the power is supplied from the connected transceiver). The SM-20 features Up-Down tuning (on compatible ICOM transceivers). There is a switch for PTT (push to talk) and also a lock feature.
extremely low Total Harmonic distortion (THD) and good Signal-To-Noise (S/N) characteristics. By this definition, Amateur Radio transmissions (eSSB or AM) hardly qualifies as anything resembling true High-Fidelity audio.

My set consists of three BEHRINGER blocks:

Behringer B-1 Condenser Microphone
Behringer MIC2200 Tube Microphone Preamplifier
Behringer MDX2600 Composer
Behringer DSP1124P Digital Feedback Eliminator

After many attempts to set up and help colleagues and articles on the internet, I was able to find the right setting for my modulation for ICOM 756 PROII. I am very pleased with the compliments I received during my QSO!

                              Some of the information comes from the site http://www.nu9n.com/essb.html
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