My Skypper beam antena

After last winter. I had to fix my Skypper beam antenna. Frost destroyed the links tensioning design. I changed the rod. They are now 4 feet long. Were strained, each up to 3 meters. Below is a photo of my design, after such revision.

Director is a half wave section and it is adjusted electrically. I used a 1:1 balun 2mm copper wire wound on a ferrite ring.

I am very pleased with the improved design and operation of the antenna. The antenna is connected to the transceiver using coaxial cable H-155. Spider is tuned to the frequency of 27.555 MHz. SWR at this frequency is 1.1. I'm working on four-element Skypper antenna characteristics. If I can get a satisfactory result. Included here the results of my work.

Active supports microprocessor control powered by SP8NTH.

and the program Ham Radio Deluxe Rotor.

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Best 73' Tomek