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Special Event Station 161LV/PS303

In March 1933 a special single-seater variant was built, called RWD 5bis (registration SP-AJU), powered with 130 hp Gipsy Major engine. The rear cabin was replaced with an additional 300 L (79 US gal) fuel tank, and the windows were removed. Additional fuel tanks were added in wings, the fuel capacity reached 752 L (199 US gal) in total and a range increased to 5,000 km (3,100 mi). Stanisław Skarżyński flew this plane from Warsaw to Rio de Janeiro from 27 April to 24 June 1933, on a path of 17,885 km (11,113 mi). During his travel, on 7 May/8 May, Skarżynski flew the RWD 5bis across the southern Atlantic, from Saint-Louis, Senegal to Maceio in Brazil. The flight took 20 hours 30 minutes (17 hours above the ocean). He crossed 3,582 km (2,226 mi), establishing a distance record in the FAI light tourist plane class. The RWD 5bis was at that time the smallest plane that has ever flown across the Atlantic — its empty weight was below 450 kg (1000 lb), loaded 1100 kg (2425 lb). The plane had no radio nor safety equipment, due to weight. It returned to Europe on a ship. After its record-breaking flight, the RWD 5bis was converted to a two-seater variant without additional tanks, and used by Skarżyński. The SP-AJU was seized by the Soviets in Lwów in September 1939, after their invasion on Poland. Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RWD_5

Log's Pins

Below is the banner from the event 161LV/SS, the QSL card is already printed, but its view is a surprise for the person who wants to receive it!

This is the official banner for the event 161LV/SS


Working conditions:

TX/RX: ICOM 7300
Antena: Skypper or Vertical 1/2 wave

As part of a special working DX stations 161LV/SS. It is possible QSO digital transmission. The frequency at which it will listen and the ability to conduct a QSO 27.500 MHz USB PSK31, ROS 27.635 MHz USB, SSTV 27.700MHZ USB I invite all fans to digital communications with the station 161LV/SS

Contribution for QSL cards 3$ or 3€ + SAE
PayPal is also accepted: tjakob@poczta.onet.pl (If you use PayPal You don't need to send Your own QSL card)

Address for QSL:
Mr Tomek
POBox: 5

Good luck!